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Choose education over entertainment
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Did you know that people now spend an average of two hours and 27 minutes each day on social media? That’s on top of the three hours and 20 minutes we devote to our TVs. If you add up all the hours in a day, then subtract the time we spend working, commuting, cooking, cleaning, and exercising, it’s no wonder so many people are sleep deprived!

Yes, there’s a lot to look at on our screens. All the pretty pictures and shows and posts, and believe us, we’re as susceptible to a good meme as the next person. But we’re going to suggest, very politely, that you consider choosing education over entertainment from time to time instead. You may have heard us talk about this before, and every time we do it seems to be a healthy trigger for people to assess this concept.

Why, you ask?

Imagine if you spent an extra 30 minutes a day, or two hours across your week, educating yourself by watching TED Talks, reading a book or having a conversation about something that interests you. By choosing education over Instagram or the latest show on Netflix, what might be different for you?

Not all forms of education have to be taxing or transformative either. If you’re feeling a bit tired and just want to chill out, you could try something gentle, like meditating or journaling, or going for a walk.

Just as our bodies need respite from all the running around that we do, our brains need stillness, too. By taking the time to rest, grow, stretch your brain, create new beliefs and thoughts and nurture your curiosity, you’re setting yourself up for your next chapter. Beyond that, learning – whether it’s about the environment, other cultures, or what makes us tick – is part of what it takes to be a good human. Learning helps us to become better parents, better friends, better work colleagues. It also helps us make better choices; to be kinder, smarter and healthier.

We could be wrong here, but these generally aren’t the kinds of things that you pick up on social media. So, how about this - the next time you find yourself gravitating towards those all-too-familiar apps on your phone, stop, and push yourself towards a playlist of TED Talks or the book on your bedside table instead. Instagram will still be there waiting for you once you’re done.

– The Coach Place Global

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