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"Being an adult is pretty easy. You just feel tired all the time…"
Blog 33 Being an adult is pretty easy You just feel tired all the time

This quote made us laugh out loud here at Coach Place central. Adulting life is often a bit of a juggle and struggle. Sometimes life is in flow and the universe seems to be aligned, and other times we are eating cereal for dinner while gazing into the backside of our eyeballs. I’m a full time, working, single Mum, and I bore myself when I think about how tired I am sometimes.

On a serious note, if you are feeling relentlessly tired, I personally love the book ‘Flourish’ by Martin Seligman. I’ve read this every January for the last 5 years.

Rest up everyone and remember that cereal for dinner is OK.

Huge love from Lisa,
The Coach Place founding director

As a highly esteemed psychologist, Dr Seligman has been on the cutting edge of psychological research for over two decades, pioneering a science that improves people's lives. And with his most life-changing book yet, Flourish, he offers a new theory of individual satisfaction and global purpose. In a fascinating evolution of thought, Flourish refines what Positive Psychology is all about and offers inspiring stories of Positive Psychology in action: innovative schools that add resilience to their curricula; a new theory of success and intelligence; and evidence on how positive physical health can turn medicine on its head.

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