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No-one told us that goals could hurt

We’ve been lied to all these years!
Blog 293 goals can hurt

Everyone always talks about how great it feels when you achieve your goals, but what no-one really mentions is how goals and ambition can hurt. There, we said it. Personal growth can be painful.

Pursuing your goals often incurs a cost (financial or otherwise) and you’ll probably have to make compromises along the way. You might miss family dinners, or have to turn down that invitation to a friend’s wedding in Italy, or give up your Wednesday night soccer team. You might fork out many thousands of dollars to get your new business up and running. You might have to demote people from your A-team, because they’re holding you back in some way. These kinds of sacrifices can cost you your relationships, your hobbies, your money, your sanity…

As the saying goes, the road to success is not an easy one.

Don’t get us wrong: we’re not suggesting that you shouldn’t have goals (as if we’d ever say that!). But what we are saying is that it’s important to go after them with your eyes wide open. Have you considered the potential costs – and are you prepared to pay them?

Yes, goals and ambition can hurt. But the alternative is not going to be a life well lived: having nothing to work towards and no prospect of ever achieving anything. That’s not an option on our watch, so here are some tips to help you navigate all the painful parts of goal-chasing:

  • Recruit an accountability partner to keep you on track.
  • Have a conversation with a mentor.
  • Make sure you’re in alignment with your partner and family.
  • Be clear on your non-negotiables.
  • Surround yourself with a cheer squad and people who will tell you the truth.
  • Celebrate your wins.

As long as you remain true to what you value, and are clear about where you’re going and what the cost is, all the hurt that comes from pursuing your goals is generally worth it. So, push through the pain! You’ve got this.

– The Coach Place Global

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