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No-one is coming!

We’ve never had so much access to information and inspiration
Blog 204 No one is coming

For most of us living in developed nations, we’ve never had more access to information and learning opportunities than we have right now. We’ve got pretty much everything we need to thrive and succeed at our fingertips. We can find relationships online, order dinner via our mobile phones and email our children’s teachers at 1 am. We can go to gyms 24/7 (pending lockdown restrictions!), order our heart’s desire online and hire-a-hubby. We can study at home, talk to a professional about any problem and travel anywhere we want (when the pandemic isn’t stopping us, of course).

Yet what do we have? We have significant mental health issues, an obesity crisis, sexting, bullying, loneliness, violence, corruption, poverty, unemployment, nuclear threats, and more … These are all big issues that may or may not be affecting you. But here’s the catch: there’s probably no-one coming to fix the things that aren’t working in your life. There’s no perfect solution online, and no business that’ll provide everything you need for a balanced, healthy, happy and successful life. The most likely scenario is that you’ll need to do the work and create the change you need, yourself. You. Yes, you!!

Access everything and everyone you can to be the best possible version of you, but don’t wait for the ‘right time’ and don’t depend solely on one expert, a network or a single strategy. Trust you already have what you need right now to start the work on you.

It makes sense to utilise as many useful resources as you can find, but in our experience as coaches, people who are living a life they love are doing so because they made it happen themselves. They drive it and create it.

Invest your energy in you. There’s something so incredibly empowering about designing your own life.

To get you started, ask yourself the following coaching questions:

  • Can I trust that there’s alot I can do to be responsible for myself?
  • If I do need help and support, what’s my plan to get it?
  • Am I going to work as if I’m my most important project?
  • Am I prepared to do what’s required?

Remember: there really is only one you in the world. You’re the only person who’s lived your life. You know you best. You’re the only person who can drive the change you want.

– The Coach Place Global

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