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No-one achieves success by themselves

Who do you need around you?
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In our years of experience coaching high-performing clients, we’re yet to meet anyone who really was an 'overnight success', and we’ve certainly never met anyone who achieved success all by themselves. Successful people surround themselves with successful people. More importantly, they surround themselves with individuals who want them to be the very best version of themselves and believe they have potential beyond all measure.

It’s time to identify and build your very own support crew. We’re not talking about your family and friends, but other people who've agreed to support you and advocate for your success. You’ve shown them your plan and vision. You've had meaningful conversations with them about the specific role they play, and together you've agreed outcomes and timeframes. They're people who'll challenge you and celebrate you.

You don’t need just one supportive person – you need enough people to form a team! They don’t need to know each other, but they do need to collectively believe in you. Imagine what would be possible if you ever got them all in a room to robustly discuss the future of you!

Who should be in your strategic support crew?

  1. The truth teller – This person will say out loud what others may not be prepared to say. They'll tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about how you're doing, the impact you're having on others and what they're observing.
  2. The visionary genius – This is where you get to dream. Your visionary genius will prod you to plan, play and think bigger than you are now. They'll encourage your ambition and innovative thoughts. They'll be ridiculously optimistic about what's possible for you.
  3. The director of reality – Well, someone has to do it! This is your 'negative Nancy' and 'voice of reason'. They're likely to raise all the things you know you should think about and consider, but don’t want to.
  4. The cheerleader – This is critical. Celebrating progress and everything you're doing well must be recognised. This is where you get your energy and momentum. Our natural inclination is to focus on what we aren’t doing well. This person will always remind you about your strengths.
  5. The promoter – We often find it hard to promote ourselves and/or our ideas. Your promoter is your ‘out loud’ advocate. They're your living and breathing testimonial. They'll tell everyone how awesome you are, seek out other people who can experience you and sell you.
  6. The expert – They’ve been there and done that. They have a world of wisdom, experience and stories to share. They know the stuff you don’t but should. Their mistakes are learning lessons in your pocket.
  7. The accountability partner ­– It was so easy to be motivated when you started out, but now you're tired, or finding it hard. Here's where you're reminded of your commitment and time frames. Your accountability partner will review your progress and support you in working through next steps that are aligned with your goals. They'll ensure you keep going.

The future is calling and there are people waiting for you to ask them to be in your support crew. This is not the time to play small. You'll never have today again. There'll be no more waiting, thinking and procrastinating. Who are you going to call first?

If you’re looking for ideas, have a browse through It's not the how or the what but the who: succeed by surrounding yourself with the best, which offers tips for choosing the best people to bring into your inner circle.

– The Coach Place Global

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