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Micro-learning with Unna Goldsworthy

3 tips to being mindful of your neck in 5 minutes and 3 seconds
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Unna Goldsworthy is an exercise physiologist and Founder of the UNNA Movement. She believes in the transformative power of behavioural change.

In this micro-learning video, Unna teaches us how to mobilise and stretch our neck muscles. Pain in the neck means poor productivity and when working at a desk for long periods of time, we have the challenge of our eyes and neck not moving enough.

Unna shares three daily tips to remind us to be mindful of our neck:

  1. Add diary alerts to remind you to stretch.
  2. Make time in your diary to check your desk and computer setup.
  3. Move away from your desk every 90 minutes – the busier you are, the more you should move.

As Unna recommends, “be responsible for your own health”.

Watch the video now:

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