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Micro-learning with Lisa Stephenson

Adapting your role to get the best outcomes from the people around you in 4 minutes and 51 seconds
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In this 4 minutes and 51 seconds micro-learning clip, our Founding Director, Lisa Stephenson shares her views on how the different roles we play directly impact the experience and outcomes we create for the people around us. She talks through the difference between mentoring and coaching, and also highlights how leadership and management require very different skills. Lisa goes on to talk about the importance of the friendship role and the responsibility that goes with a counselling conversation.

In Lisa's usual fashion, this is short, fast-faced, targeted and said with all her usual energy, as this is a topic she is really passionate about. If you are looking to be more effective in your role and to have greater impact on the people around you, we encourage you to hit play now and watch this micro-learning video.

Watch the video now:

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