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Micro-learning with Heidi Dening

5 burnout buffers in 5 minutes and 16 seconds
Blog 166 Heidi Dening

Heidi Dening is a resilience coach, author and speaker. She believes that education changes lives – and when combining the insight she’s learnt from surviving a paralysing illness, a gunpoint kidnapping, a life-threatening tsunami and petrol bombs – alongside her science-backed education, she has a unique ability to empower leaders and their teams to work at their fullest potential.

In this micro-learning video, Heidi shares five strategies with us on how to create a buffer between our work life and our home life. At the end of your working day follow her tips to transition yourself between work and play:

  1. Scan your day: what went well?
  2. Scan your day: what was difficult?
  3. Write down the most important task, or who you have to speak with tomorrow.
  4. CPR your life: connect, play and rest.
  5. If you’re not OK, reach out.

As Heidi tells us, you’ve got to name it to tame it!

Watch the video now:

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