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Micro-learning with Dr Kristy Goodwin

5 digital habits in 3 minutes and 41 seconds
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Dr Kristy Goodwin is a speaker, author, researcher and media commentator exploring the impacts that our digitalised lives have on our physical health, mental wellbeing and productivity. She is passionate about igniting peak-performance in a digital age by sharing brain-based solutions.

Dr Kristy has written for The Coach Place on how to beat Zoom-fatigue, revealed strategies to help us work from home more effectively, and how to make hybrid work, work.

In this micro-learning video, Dr Kristy takes us through five strategies - and the science behind them - to help us beat digital burnout.

  1. Avoid bookending your day with digital devices
  2. Balance screen time with green time
  3. Sit, stand and switch
  4. Work in digital dashes
  5. Stop nibbling on your inbox

With online activity a major part of our lives, what habits can you put in place to help you prevent digital burnout?

Watch the video now:

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