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Micro-learning with Dr Jessica Tonissen

3 tips to optimise our dopamine system for motivation and performance in 6 minutes and 2 seconds
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Dr Jessica Tonissen is a Doctor of Psychology with over 15 years’ experience in psychology, coaching, leadership, talent development, wellbeing and organisational culture. Regardless of whether you are feeling fatigued or highly motivated, this micro-learning video is relevant to you. Coaches, leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs and those committed to understanding what motivates performance, have long been interested in actionable strategies that drive success.

Do you really know what dopamine is, and that your stores are limited? Do you know how your brain reacts to pleasure and pain? What can you do to manage your dopamine levels? Get on and watch this for some truly insightful thoughts and ideas around how you can best sustain motivation. Trust us! This is important for everyone who is facing into 2022 and wanting to proactively self-determine their energy, mindset and impact.

Watch the video now:

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