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Micro-learning with Dr Ginni Mansberg

3 tips for increasing your mental wealth in 4 minutes and 47 seconds
Blog 232 Dr Ginni Mansberg

Dr Ginni Mansberg is a practicing GP, TV host, public speaker, consultant, author, medical journalist, skincare entrepreneur and parent to six children! And she’s found time to deliver some inspiring ideas about brain health and wealth to The Coach Place members.

In this micro-learning video, Dr Ginni shares her top three tips for increasing your mental wealth:

  1. Diet – Follow the Mediterranean diet for brain health (vegetables, fruits, wholegrains and pulses, seafood, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coffee).
  2. Neuro-plasticity – Challenge your brain to do and learn new things (use your opposite hand, do things in a different order, change genres of reading, think outside your box to encourage your brain to form new connections).
  3. Social skills – Increase your social-connectiveness (talk to people, develop your social skills, try something new, take a risk and make new friends, join a club).

Dr Ginni shares a hot tip – you can drink up to six shots of coffee each day to optimise brain health! Huzzah!

Watch the video now:

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