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Micro-learning with David Hornery

The ‘people agenda’ explained in under 4 minutes
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David Hornery is a Co-founder and Non-executive Director of Judo Bank. He’s a highly-experienced international banker with 35 years of leadership experience across leading Australian investment and business banks. He’s passionate about people leadership in all its forms and regularly speaks to audiences about why having a ‘people agenda’ matters.

A people agenda is a standalone document that’s written in your own words, with your own framing. It’s a ‘living document’ that evolves as you think, learn and observe throughout your career, and over time gives you a framework to build a breath, depth and clarity around your own leadership style. It can offer you a thoughtful, sophisticated and well-planned approach to how you’re going to lead and how you’ll manage the teams you’re accountable for.

In this micro-learning video, David emphasises that the value created from crafting your own people agenda is from the discipline of going through the thinking and crafting of the agenda in your own way. As he points out, there are no templates here, no minimum or maximum number of ‘chapters’ to include, but he does provide a few pointers on possible headings you might consider as a starter:

  • What’s the kind of culture you want to build in your team? How will you seek to embed it?
  • How are you going to invest in individuals, in teams and their cohesion?
  • What’s your approach to recruitment? What’s worked and what hasn’t?
  • How will you communicate?
  • Are you a coach of your team? Really?

As David says, there are literally dozens of chapters you could choose from to make it your own.

Watch the video now:

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