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Masterclass recording with Simon Kuestenmacher

What the future holds for Australia
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Simon Kuestenmacher, a Director and Co-founder of The Demographics Group, presents on demographic and global trends that are shaping Australia today and into the future. Simon’s observations are enjoyed by corporate, government and industry audiences alike, and he’s also an in-demand media commentator on demographic and data matters with a global following.

This masterclass for The Coach Place members will give you plenty to think about. It is so relevant for many of us navigating the post-COVID-19 era, which has been polarising in numerous ways. What does this change mean for your family, your business and your career?

It’s an important time for us to be thinking consciously about everything from our education, to where we’re living, and what we’re consuming. Simon’s insights are thought-provoking to say the least. His engaging and quirky style of delivery will leave you wanting to hear more. Some of the topics Simon explores in this masterclass are:

  • Changes in the Australian population
  • Our settlement patterns
  • Australian workforce skill levels
  • The cost of living and doing business
  • The building blocks for a future-proof career

Simon has incredible demographic data at his disposal that tells us a lot about the future of this country. If you are someone who wants to ensure you're future-fit and thinking consciously about the life you are living and where, make sure you watch this video below.

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