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Masterclass recording with Paul Taylor

Your guide to becoming an Executive Athlete
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It is no secret that at The Coach Place, we are big fans of the work produced by Mind Body Brain Performance Institute Director, Paul Taylor. This former British Royal Navy Aircrew Officer has established himself as a successful Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Neuroscientist and Affiliate Professor at The University of San Francisco.

In addition to an extensive background in health and fitness, Paul has a proven track record in leadership, management and dealing in high-pressure situations and has undergone rigorous Combat Survival and Resistance-to-Interrogation Training.

In this masterclass exclusively for Coach Place members, Paul had us engaged from the very first minute. He starts by discussing physiology of stress and the overlap of stress with anxiety and depression. There are several ways of combating this negative correlation and Paul gives us a few of his tips.

Paul teaches how to harvest discomfort to increase the capacity of our stress response through physical training, and we learn the effect physical exercise has on our hormones and brains. Those familiar with Paul’s past presentations will know he loves to talk about the power of cold stress and heat stress on our health and work. After watching this, you’ll be inspired to have cold showers daily!

Paul also walks us through how to manage our cognitive gears and to be strategic about when we take on hard work. He touches on the pomodoro technique to help us get into flow state and achieve maximum performance. Recovery is also key to becoming an Executive Athlete, and this masterclass teaches the difference between micro and macro recovery and how to maximise both.

You may have heard of your inner gremlin, but have you met your inner sage? Paul concludes this masterclass by explaining who these versions of ourselves are, and how to learn to love all three! He sums it up best at the end of the masterclass when he says, ‘every day we get to choose who’s in control’.

If you’re looking for some practical steps backed by science to level up and reach your potential, look no further than this masterclass on how to become an Executive Athlete.

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