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Masterclass recording with Megumi Miki

How ‘quiet’ can be a hidden leadership strength
Blog 181 Megumi Miki

Award-winning author, speaker and leadership consultant, Megumi Miki, shares with us the power of quiet. She grew up a meek and mild otonashī child (adult-like), and as a professional, felt she needed to assert herself to be heard.

Megumi delivers a nurturing masterclass explaining the many reasons we may stay quiet: personality, conditioning and power dynamics. And how quiet can be perceived: that we’re not contributing, that we aren’t confident, competent or leader-like. But in fact, quiet can be a hidden leadership strength, and that in this time of uncertainty and change, quiet can be just what people need.

Here at The Coach Place, we’ve worked with many quiet leaders. Below is a list of qualities that Megumi shared in her masterclass, which we feel our quiet clients are also appreciated for.

If you’re not going to watch the masterclass, we encourage you to take a minute to reflect on this list and think about the people around you. Consider what you value in others and challenge your own thinking when it comes to quiet leadership.

Quiet leaders:

  1. Access calm
  2. Are aware and reflective
  3. Listen, observe and sense
  4. Connect and create
  5. Are humble and curious
  6. Ask wise questions
  7. Use silence comfortably
  8. Build deeper relationships
  9. Grow safety, space and trust
  10. Coach with impact
  11. Hold difficult conversations respectfully
  12. Share and empower
  13. Influence through understanding
  14. Sell by helping, not pushing
  15. Use complex problem-solving
  16. Speak for the audience
  17. Generate inclusive conversations

Megumi reminds us to notice the quiet people around us – otherwise we might miss out on someone that’s going to be a great asset to our organisation.

Watch the video now:

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