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Masterclass recording with Lisa Stephenson

What’s the real impact of your behaviour on others?
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This masterclass will challenge you to think deeply about the experiences you create for others of you! Are you ready to have a more positive impact? Our Founding Director Lisa Stephenson will take you on a ride as you watch back this interactive masterclass.

Why do some people irritate you so much and others are a pure joy to work with? And why do we behave the way we do? Everyone’s behaviour is driven by their emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Throw in life experience, education and external influences and we humans continuously become more complex.

There’s never been a more important time to be self-aware, and to be a master communicator. You won’t regret spending 57 minutes watching this. You will look in the mirror and be able to self-assess what motivates your behaviour. Enjoy! If you are seeking the powerpoint slides that were used in this session, please email us here.

Listen to the masterclass recording now:

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