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Masterclass recording with Lilian Kikuvi

The Harambee spirit
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Lilian Kikuvi is a Diversity and Inclusion Evangelist obsessed with helping individuals and organisations harness the extraordinary power of diversity and inclusion.

This thought-provoking masterclass focuses on how to use an African tribal framework to supercharge the power of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Lilian shares cross-cultural insights as a Kenyan-Australian, evidence-based research, best practice case studies and storytelling to teach us how to achieve powerful outcomes.

Engaging and inspiring in her approach, Lilian sets the scene by sharing personal stories from her background and journey to Australia, career progression throughout over 15 years’ corporate experience and working with clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, and experiences living as a cross-cultural woman.

She outlines the benefits of a diverse workplace, including enhanced brand and reputation, financial outperformance, reduced risk and increased innovation, and increased staff engagement and productivity. Wait until you see some of the data she shares around ‘complaints’ and the cost to innovation!

Lilian also highlights a principle of an African tribal framework called the Harambee spirit, which is based upon pulling together to achieve a common goal. Attendees were invited to share with the group how they will adopt the Harambee spirit into their organisation, and what shift in attitude will this bring to their diversity and inclusion agenda in an open, engaging and supportive forum.

This masterclass will challenge your traditional thinking on diversity and inclusion and invites you to explore: What would happen if we brought together unedited leadership with vulnerability? Why are we fearful when it comes to real conversations?

Coach Place members will walk away with a new and fresh perspective on diversity and inclusion that will inspire meaningful action and a boost in business performance. If diversity and storytelling matter to you, watch the recording below.

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