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Masterclass recording with Jacqui Lewis

Co-founder of The Broad Place sets us straight on what meditation really means
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Here it is! For all of you who were unable to attend our masterclass with meditation guru Jacqui Lewis, scroll below to view the recording. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about what meditation really is, here is your opportunity. If you already practice, this will be an inspiring conversation to keep you energised.

We are thrilled to bring you this masterclass. World-renowned meditation teacher Jacqui Lewis has spent almost two decades studying Eastern knowledge and techniques, and years teaching meditation to individuals, teams and organisations around the globe. There is so much opportunity to become better at how we live life. If you’re feeling a bit like, ‘what is going on with the world?’ then this grounding and practical masterclass might help you to take care of you. We focus on:

  1. Understanding what meditation is, and how there is a meditation technique that suits everyone. We explored the big three.
  2. Learning some strategies we can try immediately that create clarity, creativity, and consciousness. Our team has embraced the ‘power down hour’ and ‘buffers’ approach.
  3. The role of sleep and why every human needs eight hours. Eek!
  4. Why ‘mashing’ is bad for our energy and brains.
  5. How you can ‘rinse’ your body and mind. Who knew this is a thing?

Watch the video now:

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