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Masterclass recording with coach Anna Meirelles

Strategies to reset and refuel for the year ahead
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Coach Anna was in fine form when she facilitated this strategies-based masterclass for you, The Coach Place members. She’s well known for her intuition and has been very aware of how fatigued people are feeling as they get ready to farewell 2021.

This recording is relevant for anyone at any time, who’s needing ideas and strategies to reset and refuel. Perhaps you’re wanting to start something new or just need to let go of habits and beliefs that no longer serve you. If you’re feeling like you need to catch your breath and start a new chapter, this recording will give you plenty to think about.

2021 has been big. There’s been a continuing global pandemic, lengthy lockdowns, political showdowns and polarising experiences that have altered how we live, work and think. The uncertainty and opportunities will continue into 2022.

The three questions Anna explores are:

  1. What can I do to refuel and reset over the festive season?
  2. What should be top of mind before I start making plans and decisions for 2022?
  3. What habits should I implement to set me up for success?

Listen to this recording on your next walk or grab a pen and journal as you watch.

Watch the video now:

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