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Masterclass recording with Bobby Cappuccio

What’s the most important question coaches are asking?
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The following masterclass is being shared in strict confidence to The Coach Place members only. This is not for distribution or reproduction of any kind. Please respect the privacy and content shared with you, by not sharing this with others. Please see our full terms and conditions for further details.

Bobby Cappuccio joined our founding director, Lisa Stephenson, live from San Diego to discuss what’s happening for people across the globe when it comes to mindset, wellness and creating personal success.

Bobby is warm and generous beyond measure with his knowledge – and he’s one of the smartest and most insightful humans on the planet! The way he works with his coaching clients is unique, and life-changing for many.

Born with a facial deformity and diagnosed with Tourette syndrome as a child – Bobby suffered abuse throughout his young life. As a certified personal trainer in his 20s, Bobby learnt how “affecting possible change” in others, also benefited his own life. This led him to motivational speaking, co-authoring a book about 'negative dialogue', and eventually becoming a behaviour change coach.

This masterclass is different to anything we’ve shared before. The conversation was full of questions that are relevant to so many of us. Bobby was thought-provoking and we were flooded with emails from The Coach Place Members who joined us live. Bobby’s New York accent is prevalent as is his storytelling and passion for people working thoughtfully on who they want to be.

Questions discussed in Bobby’s masterclass were:

  • Why are learning and self-awareness so critical?
  • What happens when we feel like we’re going backwards?
  • What do we do when we’ve changed, but our environment is the same?
  • What does a ‘state change’ mean?
  • Why is it critical to craft our own story?
  • What does the ‘global reset’ really mean to people?

You‘ll hear Bobby talk about the most important question he asks people. A little hint – “what are you doing when you feel most alive?”

Bobby delivers some in-the-moment coaching with one of our participants. Please respect the participant’s privacy by not distributing this content to anyone else. Note: we’ve edited this recording in parts.

Watch the video now:

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