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Masterclass recording with Bernard Salt

What the future will look like for business and life
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Demographer extraordinaire, Bernard Salt AM, of ‘smashed avocado fame’, is an expert in the study of the changing structure of human populations. He’s been studying Australian Census trends his whole working life!

Bernard is here to tell us that he thinks Australia is ‘the place to be’ post-COVID. He’s entirely optimistic about Australia’s future and the life we’ll be living in the aftermath of the pandemic.

In this masterclass Bernard takes us on a history tour, recounting why Australia is such an aspirational culture and why that’s vitally important to how we’ll be recovering and growing post-crisis (as we did post-WW1 and WW2).

Due to the digital shift online, we’ve seen first-hand the industries that have been affected by lockdown – aviation absolutely, events unequivocally, and hospitality sadly. But with change comes opportunity, and Bernard predicts the businesses of the future will be:

  1. Logistics: store people, delivery drivers, and the automation of logistics – all catering to the increase in online shopping and home delivery.
  2. Technology: database and systems administrators, ICT security, software and app programmers, web and multimedia developers – our IT friends are on trend!
  3. Health and medical: pharmacists, audiologists, pathologists and registered nurses – clearly in demand right now.
  4. Home improvement: carpenters, interior designers, landscape gardeners – the more time we spend at home, the more things we want to improve.

With hybrid working a certain, Bernard foresees more people moving away from suburbia to regional towns, taking their jobs with them – only returning to the inner-city office for team-building opportunities – and perhaps a bit of client schmoozing!

This is a fascinating adrenalin-packed hour that includes smart insights around crafting your own work–life future, and it’s packed with optimistic ideas and forecasts for 2022 and beyond.

Watch the video now:

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