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Masterclass recording of 'Thriving in a pandemic!' with Lisa Stephenson

Our founding director talks you through 13 strategies to being resilient and optimistic
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Welcome to 'Thriving in a pandemic!' In this masterclass our founding director Lisa Stephenson shares 13 strategies for being resilient and optimistic. If you’re looking for ways to shift your focus, build your energy and set up for the year to come, this masterclass is for you. There are some great insights shared by participants too. Lisa asks, "What are the habits and strategies of people who are thriving right now?"

If you couldn’t join us for the live version, you’ll need 1 hour and 29 minutes to watch this, and you won’t regret the investment of time. It’s practical and could be watched in bite-sized chunks if you’re feeling time-poor. For you note takers, get ready as there’s lots of thought-provoking ideas to capture.

It was fantastic to see so many of The Coach Place members join the live session and we’ve been overwhelmed with emails and messages of positive feedback. This recording is both for our members who couldn’t make it on the day, but also for those who attended and wanted to watch it again to reflect further.

The 13 strategies that are explored:

  1. Hold on to your values
  2. If routine isn’t your thing …
  3. A sense of achievement is important
  4. Don’t be a dumb ass, like honestly, stop it!
  5. Don’t miss an opportunity
  6. Feed your heart and head
  7. Get inspired by nature
  8. Create your own Corona story
  9. Bust the excuses, skip the blame game
  10. Embrace weirdos and weirdness
  11. Know who you are when life is hard
  12. Don’t tell people how to feel
  13. Learn something new

If you’re ready to learn how to be more resilient and optimistic during this time of significant change, watch the recording below and enjoy! We've also attached a summary of Lisa’s key speaking points.

Watch the video now:

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