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Make your next move the one where you will learn most

Now is the time for growth and change
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So many people are thinking about changing their job or career right now. COVID-19 has been very polarising: we’ve had lots of challenges and there’s definitely still that lingering sense of fatigue, but there’s also a growing tide of enthusiasm and excitement about the future. In coaching sessions, we’re seeing people chomping at the bit, eager to set themselves up for their next chapter.

As coaches, the most important question we’re asking people at this pivotal moment in time is: Where can you go next where you will learn most?

When looking for a new role, people often think about the industry they want to work in, the kind of purpose and culture they want an organisation to have – not to mention all those other nitty-gritty factors, like the salary and benefits on offer. Ego can play a part, too; people can put a lot of emphasis on what their job title will be, or what their friends, family, and peers might think about their role change. Historically, there’s been an assumption that a new job should be bigger and better than the old one – encompassing more money, a bigger leadership role, or a greater global presence.

But post-pandemic, it’s a different world that we’re going out into. This is a really important time for people to take on roles that will allow them to refuel, be inspired, get uncomfortable, and learn. It’s no longer a given that you’ll stay in the same industry, either; many people are stepping out of their comfort zone to explore new areas that align with their passions. This is the time to trust in your transferrable skills – to believe that your existing knowledge, your ability to learn and adapt, and your capacity for building relationships will stand you in good stead, regardless of the industry you’re in.

If you’re contemplating your next career move, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where can I go where I will learn new attitudes, new skills, and new knowledge?
  • Which organisation will allow me to test out new skills, lean into discomfort, make mistakes, and take on new work – even if I’m not quite ready for it?
  • What am I going to learn from the leader(s) that I’ll be working with?
  • Is the industry aligned with something I’m passionate about?

Prioritising learning and growth in your next role is about setting you up for success. Don’t worry about whether it’s a sideways move rather than a promotion, and don’t let yourself be caught up in the allure of fancy titles or perks. This chapter of personal growth is about taking on a role where you’re going to learn a lot. The long-term benefits will be huge.

– The Coach Place Global

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