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Interview with Sally Bruce

If you’re not angry, then you aren’t paying attention
Blog 178 Sally Bruce

In this entertaining and thought-provoking interview, our Founding Director Lisa Stephenson talks with Sally Bruce, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Culture Amp. Sally has worked for more than 25 years as a senior executive at global organisations. Prior to joining Culture Amp, Sally was Chief Executive Officer of AMP Bank and before that she was Chief Financial Officer, Business and Personal Banking at NAB, and she’s held several senior leadership roles at Macquarie Group. Sally also serves as Director of Rising (formerly the Melbourne International Arts Festival) and Chief Executive Women. She’s a driver of performance through culture and is a passionate advocate of people and diversity in all its forms.

That’s a lot! What’s clear in this interview is that Sally has strong views and lots to say about diversity, inclusion and hugging.

We aren’t sure how Lisa and Sally managed to cover so much in the hour they talked, so prepare yourself for questions such as, ‘what aren’t we talking about, that we should be?’ and ‘are we really doing everything we can?’ Sally tells us why she thinks we’re in the middle of the most important people game we’ll ever play, and if you’re not angry, then you aren’t paying attention.

Lisa and Sally laugh about what they’re missing in lockdown and discuss what has changed forever. Leadership, optimism and the importance of vulnerability in the workplace is all in there too. We invite you to hit play to watch this warm conversation, or perhaps save it for when you’re next on a walk.

Listen to the interview here:

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