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Interview with Penny Locaso

Thoughts from the happiness hacker
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Penny Locaso is a ‘happiness hacker’, international and TEDx speaker, post-grad student, yoga teacher, author and recovering perfectionist on a quest to teach 10-million humans by 2025 how to build ‘mental wealth’. Her energy is infectious, and her ideas are practical. We invite you to watch the video and take notes, or just hit play and listen as you would a podcast on your next walk.

If you need some inspiration to dedicate the time to listen, here’s a summary of what you’ll be hearing:

  • How the defining moments in life change who we are
  • What the difference is between mental health and mental wealth – this is gold
  • Why happiness is personal
  • What photos we should look for on our photo reel
  • How to throw something out before taking on something new
  • What two books she recommends right now
  • Why coaches are talking about connecting into our bodies
  • What if we didn’t let uncertainty stop us
  • Why we should be choosing education over entertainment

Listen to the interview here:

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