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Interview with Heidi Dening

Surviving a gunpoint kidnapping and petrol bombs
Blog 166 Heidi Dening

Heidi Dening has dedicated her career (while living in Sydney, London, Vanuatu – and like many of us recently – her living room) to empowering thousands of people across the globe with resilience, self-leadership and wellbeing programs – from small children on remote pacific islands to professional teams across 19 industries. Heidi is like a cat with nine lives. She’s survived a gunpoint kidnapping, paralysing illnesses, a life-threatening tsunami and petrol bombs.

In this interview Heidi shares what’s been making her wobbly of late, and highlights what creates guilt and shame. Heidi is warm and vulnerable in her conversation with our founding director, Lisa Stephenson. Lisa asks Heidi about the night she was kidnapped in South Africa, which now presents as PTSD. Can you imagine trying to find a way to get your team to safety while on the phone to the Australian Embassy asking them to send planes?

Heidi has earned her right to work as a resilience coach and speaker that’s for sure! She shares her ‘strong bucket formula’ and tells us why it all needs to start with ‘acknowledgement’.

Listen to the interview here:

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