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Interview with Dr Angus Hervey

Thoughts from a super smart and optimistic scientist
Blog 211 Dr Angus Hervey

We have so much to say about this interview that we’ve decided to say not much at all!

This is what you need to know: Dr Angus Hervey is both fascinating and thought-provoking. Our founding director Lisa Stephenson is a huge fan of his work and views when it comes to ‘intelligent optimism’. In this interview, Lisa and Dr Angus cover why AQ is the critical skill we all need to build as we head into 2022 so that we’re ready for the opportunities to come.

Wait until you see Dr Angus’ fancy background and slides as he talks through how human beings are built for adaptability. You’ll see dancing robots and then hear him talk about the role of vulnerability. You won’t regret investing time in watching this.

Listen to the interview here:

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