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Interview with Craig Harper

Thought-provoking coach, author and speaker
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Our founding director, Lisa Stephenson spent an hour in thought-provoking conversation with Craig Harper. They talked about our ability to navigate a messy life and what 'life-long learning' really means. They also talked about how we're doing, living in discomfort, and how we’ve become more adaptable to it. There’s some laughter and discussion about anger and some recommended reading suggestions.

Here’s a few coaching questions for those who don’t have time to watch and listen:

  • Do any of us really have it altogether?
  • Why would you start a PhD in your 50s?
  • Am I teachable?
  • Am I humble?
  • Am I hanging out with people who I don’t think like me?
  • What’s my super power?

A key takeaway of this conversation from our coaching team, was this: not wanting discomfort doesn’t make it go away!

Listen to the interview here:

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