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Interview with Craig Harper

Thought provoking coach, author and speaker
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Hi there everyone,
Today we are sharing an interview with you, well it’s more like a conversation. Our Founding Director, Lisa Stephenson spent an hour with the very thought provoking Craig Harper. They talked about our ability to navigate a messy life and what life long learning really means. They also talked about how we are doing living in discomfort, and how we’ve become more adaptable. There’s some laughter and discussion about anger and recommended reading. Scroll down to listen to the interview.

Here’s a few coaching questions for those of you who don’t have time to watch and listen.

  • Do any of us really have it together?
  • Why would you start a PHD in your 50’s?
  • Am I teachable?
  • Am I humble?
  • Am I hanging out with people who don’t think like me?
  • What’s my super power?

A key take away from this conversation for our coaching team, was this. Not wanting discomfort doesn’t make it go away!

P.S There’s some recent research that tells us we should be spending 5 hours per week in conscious learning. We’ve added this to our list of articles to write for you. Don’t forget you can send us your feedback and requests here.

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