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Interview with Bianca Chatfield

Gold medal winning elite athlete turned entrepreneur
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A truly energising and insightful conversation with Bianca Chatfield had us laughing and thinking. Our Founding Director Lisa Stephenson explored the journey of being an Olympic Gold medal winning super star and what life looks like after that.

If you’re trying to work out whether this will be a good use of your valuable time, here is a few highlights to inspire you to press play:

  • Why morning routines are critical for setting up your day
  • The importance of having an accountability partner
  • Being mindful of who you talk to when you are not OK
  • Team brand vs individual brand
  • Why delivering on what you promise matters
  • You can’t be what you don’t see!
  • Being competitive with integrity is noticed by others
  • The role of a back up plan

Listen to the interview here:

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