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International Women’s Day

What these inspiring women have to say
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Today, all around the world, people are acknowledging International Women’s Day. From its early beginnings born out of labour movements in the early 20th century in North America and Europe, to a modern international movement progressing women’s rights and their full participation in the economy, politics, and community, IWD continues to grow every year.

This day means different things to different people. For some, it’s a sobering reminder of how much there still is to do to achieve gender equality. For others, it’s a day of celebration for the progress that has occurred.

Here at The Coach Place, we reached out to eight women who are connected to us and asked them to tell us in a sentence or two what International Women’s Day means to them.

Megan Collins - Chief People and Culture Officer at Judo Bank

“IWD is a day for reflection for me on the ‘little things’ and that inequality comes about due to the accumulation of everyday experiences, in meeting rooms, at dinner tables, on the sporting field and in classrooms. It’s about the responsibility we all have to speak up when we see and hear even the smallest things. It all matters.”

Melanie Hilton - Chief Operating Officer, Risk Division at Westpac

“IWD reminds me that it is important EVERY day to empower, promote, employ, and champion women, not only to harness the power of diversity and inclusion but because it’s the right thing to do.”

Michelle Terry – Chief Executive Officer at Movember

International Women's Day is a reminder of how far we have come - and how far we have to go! We need to continue to fight, educate women, empower women, promote women, and provide the pathways and infrastructure that means they can flourish. Let's help the whole of our society be healthier and happier by helping women thrive.”

Jacqui Huntington - Director of Corporate Services at AACo

“IWD always provides an opportunity for me to reflect. What am I doing to break the bias, and am I doing enough? It starts with me and I’m prepared to be held to account.”

Andrea Clarke – Founder of FutureFitCo

“Attention all women: Advocate for another woman every damn day. Sponsor her into a new job, pay rise or a promotion. Especially into parliament or any corridor of influence where women should have a loud voice.”

Melissa Doyle – journalist, TV presenter, radio host and author

“IWD gives me pause to recognise the challenges of women and girls around the world and why I need to use my position to advocate on their behalf. Mothers fleeing war with their children, girls denied education, pregnant women with no access to health care, teens forced into marriages - challenges I am privileged to have never faced.”

Heidi Dening – resilience and wellbeing speaker, author, and educator

“Since time began, women have been courageous and always created their own opportunities, even when the community around them wanted to limit who they could be. Let’s do more than is required to keep moving forward, and let’s do it together.”

Lisa Stephenson – global coach, speaker, author and Founding Director of The Coach Place

“The world is seriously full of spectacular, smart and resilient women who make me want to be better and do more. I’ve never been more aware of how quickly we need to get to a time where we don’t need IWD. Today I am asking myself, am I doing enough to support and provoke the conversation that men and women need to be having together every day?”

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? Tell us in the comments below.

– The Coach Place Global

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