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I am not intimidating, you are intimidated

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves
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Have you noticed how not everyone wants you to be successful? Your growth and impact might bother some people.

Perhaps you’ve had some feedback lately that you’re sometimes aggressive, and it shocked you. In your world, you are assertive rather than aggressive. The below words may have popped up in your social media feeds over the past few months (or you may have heard them in videos like this one), but we wanted to write them out here for you to read and reflect on.

If you’re someone who diminishes yourself for others, or someone who is planning to play big in your next chapter, this message might resonate:

“I am not intimidating, you are intimidated. There’s a difference.
I don’t take up too much space; you’re just used to people playing small.
My inner light is not too bright; you’re just used to dimming your own.
I am not mean nor aggressive; I am honest and assertive and that makes you uncomfortable.
And I do not make you uncomfortable. My presence challenges your comfort. All of that is yours.
I will not be less for you to feel better about yourself. Own your stuff.”

Remember these powerful words the next time you feel yourself playing small. Be self-aware and deliberate about your impact.

Be sensitive and responsible, but also, be loud in your commitment to authenticity. There’s only one you on this planet so keep it real and don’t diminish the potential of you.

– The Coach Place Global

Image by Brett Jordan

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