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How coaching can support your personal growth

Coaching is like having an accountability partner for your life
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The proactive and collaborative process of dedicated coaching is an amazing thing. If you find yourself at a professional or personal crossroads, and asking yourself questions such as, ‘Where am I at?’, Where do I want to go?’, and ‘What could I change?’, then the solution-focused nature of a coaching relationship could be a perfect fit for you.

In my experience as a global coach, it’s often not so much about it being the right time, but more about knowing that it’s time for you to pay attention to what’s working and what’s not in your life. There’s so much evidence to be found supporting the value and benefits of coaching. It’s used by some of the world’s most successful and self-aware people.

Three compelling benefits to using a coach are accountability, objectivity and collaborative goal setting:

1. Accountability

So many people find they’re exceptional at setting goals, but not so dedicated when it comes to following through with the actions to achieve them! A professional coach will hold you accountable to a higher standard than you might set and maintain yourself. This helps overcome self-limiting beliefs, lack of self-confidence, or a subconscious bias towards only achieving what's comfortable. And accountability really is the glue that ties your goal to your result. The secret is to surround yourself with people who don’t force you to do better, but who inspire and motivate, and help you change your mindset. Because when you’re responsible for yourself, you do your best. We all do. But when you’re accountable to another? You do even better.

2. Objectivity

You might be familiar with the idiom ‘It’s hard to see the forest for the trees’. It happens to all of us – we’re so invested or steeped in the detail of the life we’re living that we can’t properly step outside of ourselves to see the situation in its entirety. Coaching, if you commit to being open-minded and willing to change, allows someone else to bring clarity to your situation and a definition to your goal setting. It’s the objective voice when it comes to figuring out what’s not working. It’s the collaborative and supportive partner who helps you move outside of that comfort zone. And it’s that motivator you need to continually push yourself to hit those targets. Because let’s face it – in order to achieve great things we all need someone objective to give us a good kick up the butt every now and then! Importantly, coaching is an investment in you that comes without the ‘baggage’ generated from negative thought patterns. Objective, honest and challenging. And with no bulls–t.

3. Collaborative goal setting

Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and it’s this notion that underpins coaching – working in collaboration with someone who has your best interests in mind. A coach will open up your thinking and goal setting like nothing else. Working with an experienced coach to set your intentions, rather than going it alone, can drastically increase your chances of hitting the targets that align with your overall goals.

Social innovator Michele L Sullivan is a huge fan of collaboration – it’s the cornerstone of her work. Always one to defy commonly held beliefs, Sullivan says the only shoes you can really walk in are your own. But, she says, “with compassion, courage and understanding we can walk together, side by side”. Coaching draws on this philosophy and employs a collegiate, collaborative goal-setting process to help you succeed and become your best self.

The very best coaches work in your best interests. They show perception, insight, diplomacy, sound judgment and objectivity. They engage you in honest conversation, helping you know yourself better and work more mindfully. They call you out when you need it. And they respect that you’re capable of generating your own solutions – listening, challenging and inspiring you to identify and work towards actionable outcomes.

Success breeds success

Coaching is incredibly worthwhile, both professionally and personally. When you employ the services of a coach, their ability to navigate conversations with sensitivity, and to address the hard questions with objectivity (and some humour!), should help you set excellent solution-focused goals. The beauty of coaching is that as you achieve, you build momentum. This gives you the confidence to keep reevaluating your goals, and the motivation and commitment to keep on achieving.

The achievement of these goals within a supportive environment that a coaching relationship offers, will truly bring you closer to the best version of yourself. Because the reality is, no-one is coming to save you. This life is yours. 100%.

How do you know if you’re ready for coaching?
The fact that you're here on The Coach Place platform might already answer this question. If you answer 'yes' to any or all of these questions, it might time to up the anti on your coaching plan:

  1. Do I have a goal to achieve and I need help working out my plan?
  2. Do I want to feel more accountable for my actions?
  3. Are there behaviours I want to adapt or change to better serve my future and relationships?
  4. Am I looking for ways to refuel, reset and refocus?
  5. Do I know this is the right time for me to play big in the world?
  6. Am I feeling uninspired and lacking in purpose?
  7. Do I want to be better and more effective in what I do and who I am?
  8. Do I want to be healthier and happier?
  9. Am I curious to learn more about myself and my mindset?
  10. Do I need or want something in my life to be different?

Happy coaching everyone.

– Lisa Stephenson, Founding Director, The Coach Place Global

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