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How are you, really?

If the answer isn’t a genuine ‘good thanks’, what are you doing to feel better about life?
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How many times a day are you greeted with those three little words: ‘How are you?’ I bet you couldn’t count. We all know it’s usually a question that only demands a simple ‘Good, thanks’. But have you ever noticed how people get uncomfortable when you give them something else – like an honest answer, particularly if you’re having a crap day?

So, I’m asking you now: ‘How are you? How are you, really?’

It’s time to gain some deeper insight into how you currently feel about the various areas of your life. You might be feeling that your career is booming, but at the cost of a significant relationship. Or perhaps your financial situation is strong, but at the cost of your health. It’s a challenge to get all areas of your life working in harmony, but this activity will support your thinking in where you need to make compromises, do more or stop.

Looking at the list below, choose two or three areas that you could devote more time or effort to create the life you want, rather than the one you may be living as a default.

  1. Relationships
  2. Home environment
  3. Health
  4. Finances
  5. Career
  6. Learning opportunities
  7. Fun
  8. Adventure

To help you work out which areas need your attention, consider these questions:

  • Are my priorities correct?
  • Am I living in alignment with my values?
  • Am I investing my time and energy where it’ll benefit whatever success means for me?
  • How do I feel when I reflect on the main areas of my life?
  • What’s working well for me?
  • What feedback would others give me on the choices I’m making and how I spend my time?
  • Is there something I’ve been ignoring in my life that now needs to be included in my plan?

Now go fix whatever’s wrong. (Just kidding – if only it were that easy!) By identifying the areas of your life that aren’t getting the attention they deserve – you can start to aim for greater balance. This might mean scheduling more time with a loved one; saying ‘no’ to someone who’s draining your energy; joining the gym or making an appointment with your financial adviser. Don’t worry about tackling everything at once. Focus on a couple of those big-ticket areas, which will help you achieve an emotionally healthy life.

– The Coach Place Global

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