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Good news Monday

Sometimes we just need to know the good stuff
Blog 82

We thought we'd start your week off with some great news stories from around the world. We all know that optimism is an important part of wellbeing and that we need to teach our brains to look for positive experiences and information. It’s easy to get stuck in the ridiculousness of the world right now, so this article is all about shining the spotlight on some very cool things that are unfolding, which have the potential to benefit many.

If you ever needed a reminder that we all have the power to change the world, this is it. This is the story of how eight Australian high school students and an 86-year-old nun have influenced the coal industry on a potentially global scale. Back in September 2020, the group filed an injunction to prevent Minister for the Environment, Sussan Ley, approving a proposal by Whitehaven Coal to expand one of its mines in New South Wales. While the inunction wasn’t granted, the resulting landmark ruling from the Federal Court of Australia did find that the minister has a duty of care not to act in a way that will cause harm to future generations, through the exacerbation of climate change. Is this not the most awesome current news story? Such a great outcome for the children of the future and our environment. Here’s hoping it sets a precedent for other concerned citizens of any age to step up and hold governments accountable for their actions.

Our team could not believe this: every fifth car that rolls off the production line in Germany is a plug-in electric model. Amazing! We remember hearing the name ‘Tesla’ being thrown around years ago and wondering if electric vehicles really would be the way of the future. Forget about flying DeLoreans (for now) – electric cars are our present, they’re here and it’s happening – and it’s well and truly time to get on board.

In a short amount of time, we’ve managed to develop a number of vaccines for COVID-19, yet there are still many diseases, viruses and all manner of other illnesses that make people we love so sick. But here is some good news. For years, there has been significant progress made in the space of HIV research, services and treatment. As a result, a new report from UNAIDS reveals there was a 30 per cent decline in new HIV infections between 2010–20, making 2020's total (1.5 million) the lowest figure since 1990. With 2025 targets hoping to reduce this even further, to fewer than 370,000, hopefully it won’t be long before this brutal pandemic is wiped out for good.

This is joyful to write about – according to Gallup's annual Values and Beliefs poll, support for same-sex marriage in the US is now at an all-time high of 70 per cent. Just look at how our world is evolving! It’s a far cry from the mere 27 per cent of Americans who supported legal recognition of gay and lesbian marriages back in 1996, when Gallup first added the question to its poll. It just goes to show that social attitudes can and do change. Gosh it takes time, but the progress is definitely on the right trajectory.

Wishing you all a productive, healthy and happy week ahead.

– The Coach Place Global

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