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From the coaching couch

What’s on people’s minds this week?
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Well, to say there's lots happening right now would be an understatement. COVID continues to keep us all on our toes and, more’s the pity, stuck in front of Zoom. The Olympics is providing a welcome distraction, but that great big virus-riddled elephant in the room doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

There have been some really consistent themes coming up in coaching conversations around the globe – here are just a few:

Cracking the connection challenge – Leaders, businesses, families and friends are all talking about how to keep important relationships connected, as well as how to create new ones. We're no longer jumping on planes to attend fancy-pants networking events and conferences. We aren’t even meeting people for interviews. We've been hearing from people who've never met their new team or employer in person. HR teams are consumed by the challenge of how to keep people engaged and trusting of one another. To add complexity to this, it’s interesting to note that the evidence is stacking up that we don’t need to be together to inspire creativity and innovation as much as we thought.

The 18-month window – There is consensus that we have an 18-month window to set up for the next chapter. Everyone from CEOs to entrepreneurs are saying the ‘opportunity’ is now. Those who don’t create, plan and set up over the next 18 months will get left behind. Where you are in 18 months’ time is likely to be reflective of what your next five years will look like. This is the moment to step in. One of the obvious challenges is that things are moving at a rapid pace and just to be ‘current’ in 18 months requires a focus on personal and professional growth. As Charles Darwin said: “It's not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”. This is the time to study, innovate, network and be brave. It’s the time to know your value and values.

Unravelling the brain – It makes sense that many of us are looking hard at innovation, potential and fatigue in the current environment. We've been getting daily requests from people wanting to know where they can go to learn more about the brain – their curiosity spanning from how our brain is connected to our health, to how to improve our memory. We’ve therefore spent time collating some TED Talks, books and referenced our current favourite podcasts for you to explore:

The travel bug – This might not seem like a relevant coaching hot topic, but we promise it is. There are lots of people who work hard to create their ideal lifestyle. People are motivated to work for lots of different reasons and everyone’s version of success is different. For some people, personal success is knowing the bills can be paid and that their children are healthy. For others, professional success is closely linked to what they want personally, like holidays and travel. In coaching sessions, people are consistently raising how much they are missing that time to truly decompress, to be in a different environment and refuel. Whether it’s domestically or internationally, people want that sense of freedom and reward that comes with a plane or road trip. What’s really interesting from a global perspective is that coaching clients in some countries are seeing light at the end of the tunnel and others are in countries where the road out of the COVID challenge seems never-ending. Particularly for Australians who grew up being told that backpacking is what’s required before you become an adult, the border closures and stay-at-home orders go against our DNA.

As you can imagine, this is a time when people have a lot on their minds. We are mindful of the impact that the pandemic is having on our children – leaders are feeling more responsibility than ever before and businesses are very clear that getting their strategy right is critical. We're also being fuelled by the good news stories that the media shares. Health workers in all their forms have a new value and we're constantly inspired by those who are thriving.

There’s much more we want to share with you, but are conscious that the feedback we’ve been getting is that our articles are exactly the right length, so we will stop here and write again soon.

A friendly reminder that we love receiving your requests. Let us know what’s on your mind and what you want to learn more about, and we'll gather up your themes and suggestions and get writing.

– The Coach Place Global

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