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From the coaching couch

Thoughts from the coaching couch. The week that was.
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There’s a lot happening in the world at the moment. Interestingly we’ve seen some common themes appear over the last week in our coaching conversations with clients around the world. Whilst it can be comforting to understand what’s on the minds of others it can also be disconcerting; what we know for sure is that there’s always something to learn.

Here’s some topics that have been raised repeatedly and may well be on your mind too. Our intention is to write detailed articles about each of these, but for today we simply wanted to flag them for you so you can start considering your own perspective. (A friendly reminder that you can write to us anytime with suggestions of what you would like to hear more about.)

Noise pollution – It’s an actual thing. Traditionally when we hear the term ‘noise pollution’ we think of building sites, honking cars and barking dogs - all things that are potentially dangerous and disruptive for our ears, and to our listening. But the definition is becoming blurred as more and more people are realising they have constant noise stimulus: ear buds in whilst on Zoom, podcasts on whilst out walking, Netflix playing whilst cooking dinner, eating meals in noisy restaurants. Lots of clients are talking to us about needing more quiet or down time. Just as our bodies need stillness, so do our ears and brains!

Opportunities and innovation – It’s been a remarkable 15 months or so as we’ve navigated COVID- 19, and amongst the uncertainty and toilet paper shortages came incredible innovation. As we watch India with concern, much of the world is opening up and has found a new normal. In coaching conversations the entrepreneurs are making their own predictions about what happens next whilst others are wondering if they missed the moment. How do we hang on to the new habits we created in lockdown that we loved, whilst setting up for success for the next 12 months? Coaches are calling this ‘the waiting place.’ Lots of people have hit pause and want to be really strategic about what they do next. Interesting!

Resetting relationships – There’s no doubt about it, it’s been a polarising time for relationships. This is definitely a hot topic in coaching right now. “Is this really who I want to be with?” There is a strong sense of people wanting to reset relationships that are precious, end relationships that don’t work, and find courage to start new ones. There’s also a lot of talk around networking and how we build our connections with limited opportunities to travel, attend conferences and accidentally meet new amazing humans.

Leaders are on it – There’s much research starting to come out around brain fog, decision-making and screen fatigue. We are fascinated by this and lots of leaders who are responsible for the performance and wellbeing of others are too. How do we tap into potential and have healthy cultures when people are tired? Leaders around the world are talking to their coaches about ways to replenish, refuel and energise their people.

Some good news. Here are some good news stories that we love:

  1. Why does everything to do with protecting our oceans feel so good and important? The Australian government has committed $100 million to ocean conservation? You can read more here.
  2. Employment opportunities for women are increasing around the globe. We loved this article that outlined the fact that participation in the work force by women in Saudi Arabia has increased by 64% in the last 2 years. Partly due to women now being allowed to drive, and partly due to opportunities being created because of changes to labour laws, positive changes are definitely afoot! You can read more here.

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend.

- From Lisa Stephenson
Founding Director, The Coach Place Global.

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