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From the coaching couch

Some insights from our coaching team. What a big few weeks!
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It’s been a big week of coaching (who am I kidding, it always is!) and there’s a definite buzz of positivity in the air. Whether people are finally seeing the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel (bring on those jabs!) or are ready to face up to the negative thoughts that have been holding them back, there seems to have been a shift in sentiment: a focus on the opportunities that we can find amidst chaos and a reassessment of priorities.

Here, we’ve put together a summary of the global themes and hot topics on everybody’s minds. There’s something comforting, interesting and often validating about knowing we are all in this together, and working through our challenges, obstacles and responsibilities at a time when normalcy has well and truly left the building. It just goes to show that the learning never ends!

  • Post-COVID opportunities are really starting to show themselves. Much of 2020 felt like the waiting place. Individuals and organisations alike are upping the ante on restructures, updated strategic plans and entrepreneurial thinking. Don’t tell anyone, but lots of you are hoping for redundancies and planning what you want for the next chapter.
    Coaching question: What small tasks, calls or planning can you do daily to create momentum and be ready for whatever is coming next?
  • Transferable skills, knowledge and experience. We are receiving significant numbers of enquiries and questions from people who are wanting to do something completely different. There’s the lawyer who wants to set up a restaurant, the writer who wants to be a speaker and marathon runner, and the customer service leader who wants to flip houses. In fact, according to a recent MetLife survey, one in four women in the US are considering a new career path as a result of the pandemic.
    Coaching question: What and who do you already know that can start your transition?
  • Moving on from what isn’t working. This is an ongoing conversation, but a hot topic this week. Lots of people are working through why we still behave in ways that we know don’t work. Reflecting on the habits that get in the way. The relationships that we maintain with people we’ve outgrown. The reality is, we behave in ways that work for us, for all kinds of reasons. It’s comfortable, and there’s usually a pay-off of some kind. If this sounds familiar, it might be worth checking out this TED Talk, in which psychologist Dan Ariely explores why we make bad decisions even when we know we shouldn't.
    Coaching question: Why do I behave the way I do, and am I prepared to do what’s required to create new ways of being?
  • Finding inspiration. This is so interesting to us coaches. The world is full of amazing humans, inspiring stories, new discoveries – and yet so many people are really lacking inspiration right now. It sounds like it’s about more than a dearth of optimism: it’s about people looking for a new way, a new story, or a new leader to follow; something or someone to reignite their fire. People are searching for new possibilities and a richness and diversity of thought; a desire to read or listen to things that fuel, provoke, grow and stretch their thinking. Of course, speakers are mostly on hiatus, conferences are cancelled, and we’re having to work a lot harder to find those sources of inspiration that once seemed abundant.
    Coaching question: What are the different places I can look, and who are the different people I can meet, to start new conversations?

Here are some further suggested resources for you to access if any of this resonated with you:

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Huge thanks to our clients and coaching peers who gave permission for us to share these insights with you.

- From your Coach Place Global team.

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