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A psychologically rich life and being an original!
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Hello everyone, it’s Lisa, Founding Director of The Coach Place Global.

It’s time again to share some of the prominent ideas that our coaching team and coaches, thought leaders, authors and experts from around the world are talking to us and each other about.

It’s a critical time for self-development – there’s lots of change, challenge and opportunity predicted for 2022 when it comes to careers and innovation. Change is certainly afoot and now is the time to be thinking big and planning your next move.

It’s also a polarising time for us to be thinking about all facets of our lives, from where we want to live – to how we want to work – and who we want to work for. With 41 per cent of the global workforce thinking about leaving their current roles within the next year, employers need to up their game to attract great talent.

Today I’m sharing two hot topics that will support your thinking as you work to unleash the very best version of yourself. These ideas should help you explore what personal and professional success might mean for you from now on.

Be an original!
This is a big one – a global conversation topic that everyone from CEOs to wannabe business owners are talking about. If you’re someone who wants to build your value or leverage your creative thinking, originality is something that needs to be front of mind. There’s been a lot of noise about the future success of teams and businesses regarding innovation, strategy and technology. And now, there’s recognition of diverse thinkers, resilient, adaptable, creative and collaborative people. Great leaders have always valued their people and carefully determined the culture of their organisations, but today there’s a conversation about ‘human capital’ (that’s you) being the most important asset. In fact, KPMG data suggests CEOs now consider ‘talent risk’ to be the most significant threat to their business and a barrier to future growth. The hot topic within all this centres on the need for original, dynamic and creative thinkers.

People who have original thoughts and ask questions that no one knows the answers to, are going to be in high demand.

While exploring the idea of originality (and how to foster it), I located this TED Talk from organisational psychologist Adam Grant, which talks about three habits of ‘originals’: the thinkers who dream up new ideas and put them out into the world.

How do you rank on the originality scale? Here’s a coaching question to prod your thinking: ‘When was the last time I had a brand-new thought?’

A psychologically rich life
For many years I’ve been speaking both publicly on stage, and confidentially with coaching clients, about the benefits of building resilience, rather than focusing on being happy. Over the past 18 months, I’ve noticed a significant challenge to these traditional conversations about success versus happiness. Given the uncertainty and stress resulting from the pandemic, people have become clearer about what they value. I love this! A life full of interesting, enriching and thought-provoking experiences allows space for all the grief, mess and uncomfortable stuff that are integral to a well-rounded life.

In keeping with this theme, check out this article, which explores the idea that a ‘good life’ isn’t necessarily one based on being happy or having a higher purpose.

If you’re someone who is feeling unhappy with the life you’re living (whether pre-COVID or just in recent months), then here’s a coaching question to reflect on: ‘How would I define a life worth living?’

That’s all for now. A friendly reminder that you can write to us here with any questions and feedback. If you’ve got a theme or hot topic that’s of interest to you and/or your team, please let us know.

– Lisa Stephenson

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