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Do you have any of these career-limiting habits?
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Here at Coach Place, we have a team of experienced coaches who regularly come together to talk about the hot topics in coaching. As people consider their next career move, they’re looking for recent feedback, reflecting on their performance and checking their confidence. Part of the auditing process is knowing what your career-limiting habits (CLHs) are. If you’re a leader wanting to structure an upcoming performance review, you could use the checklist below as a guide. And if you’re proactively self-managing your career path, this too might be helpful.

For anyone who wants to be more effective, have healthier relationships or build a stronger personal brand, here’s our list of the common CLHs that leaders, HR professionals and coaches say prevent people from stepping into their true potential.

Which of these do you recognise in yourself?

  1. Risk-averse
  2. Passive aggressive
  3. Self-focused
  4. Negative attitude
  5. Situational listener
  6. Resistant to change
  7. Disrespectful
  8. Interrupter
  9. Judgemental
  10. Uncompromising
  11. Inconsistent
  12. Lack of confidence
  13. Inability to trust and be trusted
  14. Procrastinator
  15. Overthinker
  16. Takes credit for others’ work
  17. Sabotages own or others’ work
  18. Ego-based decision-making
  19. Takes constructive feedback personally
  20. Blames others
  21. Manages up
  22. Can’t say sorry
  23. ‘That’s not my job’ attitude
  24. Doesn’t keep promises
  25. Avoids healthy conflict
  26. Creates ‘files’ on teammates
  27. Creates email wars
  28. Laziness
  29. Divisive beliefs or values
  30. Enjoys drama and gossip

If you’re unhappy with how many of these characteristics you said ‘yes’ to, there’s plenty you can do immediately to become a better version of you. And congratulations! Self-awareness, acknowledgement and taking responsibility are not easy. You’ll never regret working on you.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Find a mentor who specialises in the things that you need to do better at.
  • Request feedback from people you trust – those that’ll tell you the truth.
  • Self-assess your impact at the end of each day. What did you do really well today? What do you need to do better tomorrow?
  • Write a personal ambition statement (no more than five sentences).
  • Develop a learning agenda that identifies opportunities for you to practise better habits and skills.

– The Coach Place Global

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