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From the coaching couch

11 strategies for living your best life
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Life is beautiful, then it’s hard, then it’s fun – repeat. Today we’re bringing you some thoughts from the coaching couch. We wanted to share this list of 11 strategies that may come in handy if you’re wanting your personal and professional life to be better, happier or bigger in some way. You might already be doing some of these – and if you’re doing all of them all the time, then you’re rare and can move on to the next article!

Following are some of the most important habits and rituals that we see coaching clients doing consistently, which can make a real difference to their results, impact and happiness.

  1. Turn your learnings into actions – We’re constantly absorbing new information – whether through coaching sessions, courses, podcasts, TED Talks or articles. The most successful people don’t just absorb it and forget about it – they figure out how they can integrate these new learnings into their lives, setting goals for how they can create new habits, and applying strategies to make themselves accountable.
  2. Be careful who you compare yourself to – This gets you nowhere fast. Sure, we can admire people and want to emulate some of their traits but remember there’s only one you in the world. Everyone’s different. If the comparison inspires you to be better, that’s awesome but if it makes you feel diminished as a human, that’s not OK.
  3. Practice compassion and connectedness every day – Learn to listen, cultivate empathy and take the time to get to know the people around you. We’ll be writing an article on this!
  4. Don’t wait for the right time – Does such a thing exist? Trust that you already have what you need right now to start work on you. There is rarely a right time for anything.
  5. Ask more questions – Children are interested in everything and ask millions of questions, learning so much in the process. Adults can benefit from regaining some of this intrinsic curiosity.
  6. Do more of what you’re good at Success has a lot more to do with what you’re good at than what you’re terrible at, yet strangely we often focus on the latter. Life’s too short to waste time becoming slightly better at what you’re not good at. Find your superpowers!
  7. Be clear about what you don’t want – Perhaps you don’t want to be flat-out busy all the time (who does?), or don’t want to be away from family too often. Add these insights into your life plan.
  8. Play big – This is your one shot to live an amazing life, so be ambitious with your dreams.
  9. Be famous for something – Sure, we won’t all end up on a global stage, but think long and hard about the legacy you want to leave behind. People will remember what you stand for and what matters to you most.
  10. Finish one box of cereal before you open another – Stop doing stuff that saps your energy and dulls your brain. Be smarter in how you operate. Get the basics right and the rest will follow. Start your day right!
  11. Like who you’re becoming – Be proud of what you’re achieving as you unleash the best version of you.

What might be different for you if you implemented three new habits, beliefs or strategies in your everyday life? Don’t feel you need to stick to the 11 suggestions on our list – after all, coaching is about being a self-determined learner. You get to decide who you want to be, what you want to learn and what you want to pay attention to. Invest in you today.

– The Coach Place Global

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