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From the coaching couch

How we talk about success with our clients
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Our conversations with coaching clients cover an expansive range of topics (now that’s an understatement)! Over the past two years, we’ve spoken a lot about the effects of the pandemic. We’ve spoken with leaders about the challenges of building a sense of community and connection within teams, and about the importance of creating more than just a job.

But a topic that we circle back to time and time again is success: what it is, why we want it and how we can get it. Of course, success is highly individual. For one person, it means paying the bills on time, while for another, it means being fit enough to run a marathon. Yet regardless of each person’s definition of success, there are certain factors that are universal to everyone who seeks to achieve it.

Today, we want to share five coaching reality statements that are important for everyone to absorb in their pursuit of success:

  1. People often regret playing ‘small’ and not living in alignment with what they truly want – There’s research to back us up on this, with studies showing it’s our inactions – rather than the things we do wrong – that haunt us long into the future.
  2. Knowing and doing are entirely different things – You know it’s good for you to exercise, meditate and eat healthy food – but do you do it? You know it’s important to set goals and create actionable steps to achieve them – but do you do it? It’s fantastic to attend courses, read books, be inspired by podcasts, but if you’re not taking your learnings and turning them into actions, then really, what’s the point?
  3. Success rarely happens accidentally – From all that we’ve seen, heard and experienced, success comes to people who’re willing to work hard, regardless of what’s thrown at them. They prepare, plan and adapt. They do what’s required even when they don’t feel like it.
  4. Success isn't about talent, how smart you are or the opportunities you have – Sure, talent can help get you started, but often success is about your attitude, your willingness to move outside your comfort zone, work hard and commit to ongoing learning and growth. Success is what happens when mindset, commitment and action meet.
  5. Your success, happiness and personal version of ambition will upset some people – They might get annoyed when you pull away, say ‘no’ or start making changes to your relationship. They might be jealous of your success and try to derail your efforts. On the flip side, you’ll meet people who’ll inspire and push you to do things you’d never imagined.

Now that we’ve established some universal truths about success, ask yourself the following questions, which might just change the way you live and work:

  • What’s my definition of personal and professional success?
  • Am I prepared to do what’s required?
  • Who are my people?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • What does purpose mean to me?

These are some big questions, so we don’t expect you to nut them all out in one session! Engage in some head and heart brainstorming and have conversations with people you trust. If you’re looking for further guidance, check out this TED playlist, which raises several interesting ideas about different versions of success and how we can define our own.

– The Coach Place Global

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