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Change your thinking, change your life

The stats you didn’t know you needed to know
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Let’s get straight to it. Here are some important statistics to ponder on:

  • You have 60,000 thoughts per day, close enough to one thought per second
  • 95 per cent of these thoughts are habitual. In other words, the same as you thought yesterday
  • 80 per cent of those habitual thoughts are negative, meaning you are having 45,000 negative thoughts per day

What was your reaction to reading that? Commonly, people want to dismiss these statistics believing they are far more dynamic and positive than that. Maybe you are! Generally speaking, that’s an easier response than having to be responsible for creating new thoughts and habits. These statistics help us understand why it’s so easy to revert to our old ways. Our brain has lots of practice in just doing and thinking sameness.

There is much research and evidence to suggest that what we feel directly impacts our physical health. In ‘Ageless Body, Timeless Mind’ by Deepak Chopra, a leading expert in the world in ‘mind/body’ medicine, it describes that the body is a printout of these habitual, consistent thoughts. In essence, what we consistently think about, shows up in our body.

Deepak writes, “Our cells are constantly eavesdropping on our thoughts and being changed by them.” Essentially, we are what we think. If you’re someone who is interested in self determined growth you might have read all of the above previously. However, we all understand that knowing and doing aren’t the same thing. If you are feeling stuck or like you want different results, spend time today working through these coaching questions.

  1. What one habitual thought most impacts my energy in a negative way?
  2. What brand new thought would serve me in being a better version of me?
  3. Is there a new experience I could have this week that would challenge the way I think?
  4. Is there a decision or choice I need to make that would reframe how I think about a person, situation or myself?
  5. Do I hang out with people that just valid any negative or unhealthy beliefs that I have?

When we become more aware of our ‘automatic’, subconscious thinking we become better able to create new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Imagine what could be different for you and the people around you if you changed even one per cent of your negative thoughts into new healthy beliefs. Let today be the day you have a brand new thought about you!

– The Coach Place Global

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