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Calling all leaders

9 ideas to set you up for what’s coming
Blog 156 Calling all leaders

Saying this is a challenging time for leaders is an understatement (we need a bigger word for challenging). This was not the plan!

In the middle of this global pandemic, it’s likely you’re being judged and critiqued on all that you do, especially when it comes to your behaviour, decision-making and relationships. No pressure! It’s so easy to be a great leader when things are calm, but the significance of how you operate under pressure is not lost on anyone. If you’re a bit worn down and the responsibility is feeling heavy to carry, you’re not alone in that. But here’s the thing, the opportunity for leaders, in terms of role progression and personal growth, is coming. Around the globe, leaders are talking to their coaches about getting ready for their next role. It’s time to look hard at the type of leader you’re being.

Here are four critical coaching questions we’re asking leaders:

  1. Are you current in your approach? Research is emerging that shows the skills and approach leaders need, has and will continue to evolve (article coming soon).
  2. What do you need to do better to be more effective? This is the time to have a strong personal development agenda.
  3. What are you doing to rapidly grow and showcase your strengths? There’s never been a more important time for demonstrating growth and value.
  4. What do you need to stop doing? Not all the leadership strategies we’ve used pre-pandemic will work going forward.

Here are nine ideas to set you up for leadership success in a new era:

  1. Facilitate a brand and leadership audit: You need quality information. Utilise HR resources and any profiling tools you’ve completed. Gather as much information as you can in different ways to build a holistic view on the impact you’re having and how you’re viewed.
  2. Do your research: Listen to people out of your industry, ask questions of people in your network and read everything you can on the challenges and opportunities that are coming for leaders. There is clear evidence that what we want and need from leaders over the next five years will be different to the last five.
  3. Pay attention: We know you’re probably fatigued, but don’t miss the moment. What’s calling out to you that you’ve been ignoring? Be emotionally and physically as healthy as you can. Check your relationships and let go of anything dragging you down.
  4. Do what other people aren’t prepared to do: It’s not difficult to be an awesome leader when it’s easy, but are you a leader who gets better when it’s hard? Increase your discomfort boundaries and accelerate your resilience and adaptability (AQ).
  5. Invest in your network: The most successful leaders around the globe surround themselves with people who hold them accountable, challenge their thinking and believe in the potential of what’s possible. Be more strategic with relationships than you have before.
  6. Write a development plan like it’s the most important thing you’ve ever written: Identify your learning opportunities, map out mentoring possibilities and list the ways you’re going to build skills. Map at least 12 months forward and allocate 5 hours per week to your growth.
  7. Know your unique positioning statement: Your uniqueness and strengths are your greatest currency. Make sure you’re clear about where you add value and what you’re awesome at. This is a modern version of the old elevator pitch. Be able to state your ‘who’ and ‘why’ in less than five sentences.
  8. Rest and refuel: If you’re planning to limp into December and rest over the holiday period, we challenge you to think differently. Plan ways to re-energise sooner rather than later so you’re ready as soon as 2022 hits. The leadership cycle and recruitment approach will start early.
  9. Stop everything: Before you do any of the above, have a robust conversation with someone you trust to test your thinking about what leadership and success mean to you. There’s a dynamic time coming. Is this really what you want to be doing?

When you consciously work through who you are now, and design and decide who you want to be in the future, you’re serving the future version of you. It’s time for real clarity and commitment when it comes to both personal and professional success.

A friendly reminder that you can email us here if there are topics you want us to explore further.

– The Coach Place Global

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