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Brace yourself: we’re about to hit you with the reality stick

8 things we aren’t meant to say or think
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Yes, it’s important to be optimistic and trusting, but we also need to be realistic that with personal growth comes pain, tension and change. It can be dangerous to believe what others say about who you are becoming.

We’re all a work in progress. We’re all human. We’re meant to mess up. Navigating life as a grown-up can be exhausting. And sometimes there are things we just need to accept, so we can shrug our shoulders at the world and keep our focus. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of eight ‘truths’ we tell our clients to help them stay on track.

  1. Not everyone wants you to be successful.
  2. No matter how hard you try, some people just won’t like you.
  3. Who you are when life is hard matters a lot.
  4. The life you are living today is an exact reflection of every decision you’ve ever made.
  5. Your body reacts to what you think and feel, and this is significant.
  6. People often mistake opportunities for hard work.
  7. Lots of people live in the waiting place.
  8. Your personal growth will annoy some people and that’s OK.

Keep going and don’t let others sabotage the work you are doing on you. Surround yourself with people who will both tell you the truth and celebrate your success.

– The Coach Place Global

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