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Tribe of Mentors: Short life advice from the best in the world
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Don’t be put off by the ridiculous size of this book. Yes, it’s big, heavy and long. But that just means you’ll look smart carrying it on a plane or reading it in a cafe!

Author Timothy Ferris is known all over the world as an entrepreneur, podcaster, investor and lifestyle guru. Some of you may know him for his bestselling books The 4-Hour Workweek and Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers. Or perhaps you’ve heard his name bandied about thanks to his prowess as an early-stage technology investor and advisor to Uber, Facebook, Shopify, Duolingo and Alibaba, among other trailblazing brands. His podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, is often the #1 business podcast on all of Apple Podcasts. In other words, he’s someone worth listening to.

But in Tribe of Mentors, he gets a whole heap of other people to do the talking. For this book, Ferris tracked down more than 100 eclectic experts to share their secrets for success, happiness and life meaning. He discovers why actor Ben Stiller likes to dunk his head in a bucket of ice in the morning. Why Arianna Huffington recommends regularly scrambling the apps on your phone. Which 'bar complex' exercise keeps country star Tim McGraw young. Why bestselling author Steven Pressfield believes college students should drive trucks and become cowboys. Which three books legendary investor Ray Dalio recommends most often. Which lessons and tips have helped elite athletes like Maria Sharapova, Kelly Slater, Dara Torres, Tony Hawk and Dan Gable dominate their respective sports.

Yes, it’s full of life advice from all kinds of experts, innovators and thinkers. And despite its scary size, there are some simple and powerful messages in there that you can digest easily. So much wisdom in one book, written in a way that will make you wish it was even longer.

After reading it, I ultimately walked away realising how responsible I needed to be for my own growth and learning. There are so many examples in the stories where people talk about how much wrong or bad advice they were given on their journeys to greatness and how many mistakes they had to make along the way.

Tribe of Mentors would make a great addition to your holiday reading list, or on a completely different track, would be a handy source of inspiration if ever you’re writing a learning agenda for yourself, or are thinking about going into business or making a career change. From all those stories, there’s bound to be something in there that strikes a chord or helps you see things in a new way.

- Lisa Stephenson
Founder, The Coach Place Global

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