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Honest to Greatness
Blog 237 Honest to Greatness Book Review

How’s this for an eye-opener: consumers want brands to be honest. Wait, what? We don’t want to be lied to? Astonishing…

OK, we’re being flippant here, but in all seriousness, honesty is so important in today’s business world. People want to know that brands are doing good in the world: that they’re looking after their staff; that they have our best interests at heart; that they’re authentic. These days, we have so much access to information, which gives us the power to pick and choose the companies we support. And the more connected we feel to a brand, the more loyalty we’ll show (and more money we’ll spend). Everybody wins!

It’s no surprise then that the most successful companies are the ones that are inherently honest. This is the premise of Honest to Greatness: How Today's Greatest Leaders Use Brutal Honesty to Achieve Massive Success. Its author, Inc. 5000 serial entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and business coach Peter Kozodoy, offers numerous examples of businesses from all walks of life that have used honesty to get ahead. Sharing case studies and interviews with leaders from Domino’s Pizza, The Ritz-Carlton, Sprint and other global brands, he explains why leaders need to be more honest, and offers practical tips for turning transparency into a business strategy.

Of course, the benefits of honesty in the workplace go above and beyond better sales. Kozodoy argues that the most authentic and honest leaders attract and inspire the best talent; create a culture of innovation; earn their teams’ respect and loyalty; and unlock personal fulfillment.

You can see why this is a must-read for any leaders – honest or otherwise.

– The Coach Place Global

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