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The happiest man on Earth
Blog 217 The happiest man book

This one’s bittersweet, but such a beautiful story. The happiest man on Earth tells the tale of Holocaust survivor Eddie Jaku, who published his autobiography in 2020 to mark his 100th birthday. (He has since died, aged 101.)

The book outlines Jaku’s harrowing experiences during World War II, during which time – as a Jewish person of German descent – he was imprisoned at both the Buchenwald and Auschwitz concentration camps, where his parents were murdered in the gas chambers. He later escaped a Nazi ‘death march’, managing to hide-out in a forest while living off a diet of slugs and snails.

Having survived these ordeals, Jaku resolved to live his best possible life. Considering himself ‘the happiest man on earth’, he believed life is what you make it – that if you truly want to be happy, you can be.

It’s a powerful message that reminds us that happiness can be found anywhere, even against all odds.

– The Coach Place Global

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