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Friday forward
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When a new entry appears on a Forbes editor’s book list touting it can make you a better leader, you stand up and take notice. Friday forward: inspiration and motivation to end your week stronger than it started is no exception. In it, you’ll find 52 thought-provoking stories to inspire and challenge you to unlock your true potential. That’s one story each week for a year – the perfect dose of motivation to not only get you through the days, but to build a more fulfilling life and career in the process.

The book focuses on our four ‘capacities’ – spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional – and argues that, if we’re able to cultivate all four, we’ll be well equipped to realise our dreams.

Author Robert Glazer, who also wrote Elevate: push beyond your limits and unlock success in yourself and others, a USA Today and The Wall Street Journal bestseller, launched his Friday Forward concept as an e-newsletter several years back. Each Friday morning, he would send a selection of inspirational stories to his employees to push them to achieve great things. The idea gained traction, to the point where he was sending his email to more than 200,000 followers around the world. Now in book form, his stories have been paired with actionable strategies that all of us can draw upon to create a better life.

Divided into super short sections, Friday forward is an easy book to pick up and peruse as and when you can. If you’re looking for something motivational to get you firing each day, this book would make the ideal addition to your morning routine.

– The Coach Place Global

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