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Stolen focus: why you can’t pay attention
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Do we have your undivided attention? Good. Try to stay with us for the next two minutes or so. We want to tell you about an incredible book that could change the way you work and live.

Johann Hari’s Stolen focus: why you can’t pay attention is a must-read for anyone who has the mental capacity of a goldfish. It delves into the reasons we can’t concentrate and the catastrophic effects social media and other modern influences have had on our brains. That’s right: it’s not a personal failing, lack of willpower or escalating age that’s to blame for your ever-wandering mind. Our brains have actually been rewired in recent years, robbing us of our ability to focus.

In happier news, the book tells us that we can absolutely reclaim our focus. It highlights how long the average person can (or should be able to) concentrate and offers strategies to help you stay on task. The outcome? You’ll be better equipped to do focused and productive work. Huzzah.

The book’s website features audio clips from the author’s interviews with all kinds of experts: people who’ve studied the attention crisis or struggled with their own attention deficits (or both). They explore an assortment of interesting topics, like what we lose when we go too fast; our cognitive limits; and what happens in our brains when we multitask.

From conversations that we’re having, we know that this book will be useful to so many people. Clients are telling us how difficult it is to focus, particularly now that they’re returning to the office and getting very little done, with meetings, tearoom chats and other distractions to contend with. Throw social media into the mix and it’s a miracle that people are doing any work at all.

There’s a reason that this book debuted high on The New York Times bestseller list earlier this year. It really is a game changer.

– The Coach Place Global

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