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Future Fit by Andrea Clarke – this is a critical time to keep your network alive
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We’ve had so much positive feedback and interest from the masterclass we delivered with author and speaker Andrea Clarke. Her book Future fit continues to win awards and just recently she was profiled in the Weekend Australian.

A number of you have asked us to share insights on the shifting world of networking. As we're no longer attending all of those in person events and conferences, how do we ensure we're staying connected, current and relevant?

It’s with great pleasure that we are sharing the chapter ‘Intentional networking’ from Andrea’s book that addresses this. Andrea says, "We're losing 20 per cent of our network because of remote working, so there's never been a more critical time to consider how to keep your network alive. Here's a few ideas for you as we move into a new phase where our most powerful ties actually lie in our existing circle ..."

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